Written by Jamie I just returned from a trip to Panama with Erin and our husbands.  The trip was wonderful, but the actual airport travel was difficult, to say the least.  Having traveled internationally before, I knew the fun involved with customs, connecting flights, and not speaking the language.  Armed with this knowledge, my travel … More Patience

Tips to Deal with Sleep-Maintenance Insomnia

Written by Jamie I’ve recently been struggling with sleeping through the night.  Sleep finds me pretty quickly after my head hits the pillow, but I find myself waking up early and tossing and turning rather than returning to sleep.  This is something that seems to happen now and again, but it’s definitely not making my … More Tips to Deal with Sleep-Maintenance Insomnia

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Written by Jamie I recently watched “The Nightmare”, a horror-documentary on sleep paralysis.  Being only somewhat familiar with sleep paralysis and someone who has never experienced this phenomenon, the movie absolutely terrified me and got me interested in learning more.  Since watching the movie, I have spoken with several individuals who have experienced not only the … More What is Sleep Paralysis?