Written by Jamie

I just returned from a trip to Panama with Erin and our husbands.  The trip was wonderful, but the actual airport travel was difficult, to say the least.  Having traveled internationally before, I knew the fun involved with customs, connecting flights, and not speaking the language.  Armed with this knowledge, my travel mantra was ‘patience’, and I used it often.

Among our travel woes, our direct flight got changed to one with a connection.  On the way out and in, the first flight got delayed to the point where we had to reschedule our entire flight or the second flight.  Our luggage nearly got lost.  Our checked bags got rerouted through customs, causing us to have to throw out a bottle of rum that we had purchased as a souvenir.  None of these were big deals, but when just wanting to get to our destination, and then home, it became quite stressful.

PanamaAs I walked through the steps of changing flights, going through endless security lines, and sitting separately from my husband and friends, I often felt frustration creeping up on me.  However, I made it a point to remind myself that getting worked up or worrying about losing luggage, missing a night in Panama, or missing work on the way home wouldn’t resolve anything and would only make me feel worse.  So I took a deep breath and did my best to roll with the punches.  I truly think that this practice of patience helped me and my friends stay sane through the craziness and actually allowed airline staff to help us as quickly as possible.  It wasn’t ideal, but then again, we arrived safely and not too late, compared with our original schedule.

I think this lesson in patience has taught me quite a bit.  If you breathe and work with others with a positive, flexible attitude, things will work out.  You’ll also be much happier with the results and feel much less stressed and exhausted after the problem has been resolved.

Please talk back: how has patience helped you through your travel adventures?

One thought on “Patience

  1. Great story Jamie. I can completely relate to this.
    I was recently waiting for a Southwest flight the day all their computer systems went down. I ended up getting lucky in that my flight was only delayed a couple hours. While waiting I practiced a few deep breaths, realized that the people working the counters were trying desperately to do their jobs, apologize profusely to others who weren’t as patient, and ultimately just wanted to get home like I did.
    Through watching and realizing all this I actually found myself happy to see a bad day for a lot of people slowly get resolved (especially the employees). Without patience I would likely have been with those stewing in their seats, frustrated at something uncontrollable, and upset at those who were just trying to help.

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